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Pattaya Girls

Pattaya girls are plentiful in Pattaya, it estimated that there are 30,000 of them in and around the city. Typical places to pick them up include shopping malls, penthouse hotel pattaya, supermarkets, gogo's, beer bars, swimming pools and beach road.

Where to get the best Pattaya girls from?

If you are looking for a girlfriend, I suggest you look outside of the city, however if you are looking for some experienced fun, then I would hit the gogo's and short time bars. Even girls working at the pattaya hotels hit the disco's at night looking for someone that will compensate there evening out.

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Pattaya Bar Girls Pictures

Pattaya Bar Girls Pictures are all over the net, the flikr photo network is useful, pattaya addicts forum, and google images. If you check youtube pattaya videos then you will see lots of pictures in slide show style.

Pattaya Girls Places

The best places to pick up Pattaya Thai girls in anywhere down the sois, bars, gogos, beer complexes and walking street.


pattaya girl posing pattaya-girl-gogo

pattaya girl in coyote bar